Audrey Kelly

Accomplished artist, model, and muse, Audrey Kelly has been a part of the PsykoCosm conglomerate from the beginning.

As an artist, she has several different social media accounts to accommodate.  Please, take the time to check each and every one of them out.  You won't be disappointed, we guarantee.

Franccesca De Struct

Musician, model, actress, artist.  Franccesca De Struct brings an element of reality and identity to each and every aspect of her life.

You can't separate out the various elements of Franccesca's career, so it's best to follow not only her personal accounts, but also the many bands and organizations she is a part of.

Aeon Cruz

Another musician, model, and actress, Aeon has been a part of the PsykoCosm family since nearly the very beginning

With the success of her initial Signature line, we have decided to re-launch and expand upon her line.  Make sure to give her various accounts the attention they're due, and pick up any of her available garments in our store today!

Bailey Marie

Stylist, makeup artist, model, and artist, Bailey is the ultimate threat when it comes to creating edgy content.

Our most recent collaborator, Bailey is equally at home wrapped in luxury as she is covered in gore, and her Signature lines will reflect as many facets of her personality as she will allow.