More than just your cookie-cutter brand.....
Psykocosm Clothing began as a collaborative co-op between Punk-O-Punx Design and Psikotyk Photography. The two companies came together in an attempt to create and provide a unique and fresh clothing line, comprised of several individual Lines and Series.

Working with several world-class models on Signature Lines as well as developing artistry in clothing for musicians, artists, and other so-inclined members of society, Psykocosm is a new way of looking at an ancient concept: Share freely amongst your ideas, let no person's voice go unheard, and create art with the intent of telling the stories we all live every day.

​Crazy, right?

As a clothing company commited to the arts, we offer sponsorship opportunities to specific individuals and groups who have shown that they are committed to their future and walk their own path, but are also humble enough to ask for help when they truly need it.

That help could come in many forms, from Designated Garment Lines to promotional consideration to simply helping in connecting like-minded people to your circle.

If you'd like to be considered, simply send us an e-mail or a Facebook message with a detailed description of what it is you're about, and why you think we would fit well in the projected image of your future.  We'll get back to you as quickly as we can if we feel that we can help you out in any way!